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  1. Huge collection of books on Science and Religion (compilated by the Gifford Lectures and Templeton Foundation Press)

  2. The mathematical principles of natural philosophy Vol. 1 (Isaac Newton)

  3. The Unseen Universe or physical especulations on a future state (Balfour Stewart&Peter G. Tait)

  4. Scientists of Faith; 48 biographies of historic scientists and their christian faith (Dan Graves)

  5. Pierre Duhem; Philosophy and History in the work of a believing physicist -2 tomos- (R. Niall D. Martin)

  6. How the Catholic Church built the Western Civilization (Thomas E. Woods)

  7. The Popes and Science: The History of the Papal Relations to Science During the Middle Ages and Down to Our Own Time (James J. Walsh)

  8. Catholic Churchmen in Science; sketches of the lives of catholics ecclesiastics who were among the great founders in Science (James J. Walsh)

  9. The Church and the Market: a catholic defense of the free economy (Thomas E. Woods)

  10. The Language of God, a scientist presents evidence for belief (Francis S. Collins)

  11. Quantum Physics and Theology; an unexpected kinship (John Polkinghorne)

  12. Science and Providence: God´s interaction with the world (John Polkinghorne)

  13. Questions of Truth; fifty one responses to questions about God, Science and Belief (John Polkinghorne&Nicholas Beale)

  14. God´s universe (Owen Gingerich)

  15. Science and Religion: A new introduction (Alister McGrath)

  16. Answering the new atheism; dismantling Dawkins´case against God (Scott Hahn&Benjamin Wiker)

  17. God for the 21st century (Russell Stannard)

  18. God´s Mechanics: How scientists and engineers make sense of religion (Guy Consolmagno)

  19. The place of glory: God´s world and Science (Arthur Peacocke)

  20. Niels Stensen. The scientist who was beatified (Hans Kermit)

  21. The Fascinated God: What Science says to Faith and Faith to scientists (Robert E. Zinser)

  22. The Foundations of Dialogue in Science and Religion (Alister McGrath)

  23. Science&Religion, from Copernicus to Darwin, 1450-1900 (Richard G. Olson)

  24. Pierre Duhem: Philosophy and History in the work of a believing physicist (R. Niall D. Martin)

  25. Geology and mineralogy considered with reference to Natural Theology (William Buckland)

  26. Science and Theology since Copernicus: the search for understanding (Peter Barrett)

  27. The Bridgewater Treatises on the power, wisdom and goodness of God, as manifested in the Creation (some authors)

  28. A Comprehensible Universe: The Interplay of Science and Theology (George Coyne&Michael Heller)

  29. Catholicism and Science (Peter M. Hess&Paul Allen)

  30. The Mind of the Universe: Understanding Science and Religion (Mariano Artigas)

  31. God and Evolution: Fundamental Questions of Christian Evolutionism (Józef Zycinski)

  32. Science and Religion. Some historical perspectives (John Hedley Brooke)

  33. Reconstructing Nature. The engagement of Science and Religion (John Hedley Brooke)

  34. Fifty years in Science and Religion: Ian Barbour and his legacy (Robert J. Russell)

  35. God and contemporary Science (Phillip Clayton)

  36. The Begginings of Western Science (David C. Lindberg)

  37. Roman Catholicism and modern Science; a History (Don O´Leary)

  38. Catholic Churchmen in science (James J. Walsh)

  39. The Jesuits II: cultures, sciences and the arts, 1540-1773 (O´Malley, Bailey, Harris&Kennedy)

  40. Chance or purpose? Creation, evolution, and a rational faith (Christoph Cardinal Schönborn)

  41. The Faith of Scientists (Nancy Frankenberry)

  42. Is nature ever evil?-Religion, science and value (Willem Drees)

  43. The making of Europe (Christopher Dawson)

  44. Galileo goes to jail: and other myths about Science and Religion (Ronald Numbers)

  45. The Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion (Peter Harrison)

  46. Science, Religion and Reality (Joseph Needham)

  47. Fifty years in science and religion: Ian G. Barbour and his legacy (Robert J. Russell)

  48. Cambridge in the Age of the Enlightenment: Science, Religion and Politics (John Gascoigne)

  49. When Science and Christianity Meet (David Lindbergh&Ronald Numbers)

  50. God and nature: historical essays on the encounter between Christianity and Science (David Lindbergh&Ronald Numbers)

  51. Eminent lives in twentieth-century Science & Religion (Nicolaas A. Rupke)

  52. The History of modern science (J. L. Heilbron)

  53. The Oxford guide to the History of physics and astronomy (J. L. Heilbron)

  54. The sun in the church: cathedrals as solar observatories (J. L. Heilbron)

  55. Science and Religion in Contemporary Philosophy 1903–1905 (Émile Boutroux)

  56. The foundations of modern science in the Middle Ages (Edward Grant)

  57. Planets, stars & orbs; the medieval cosmos 1200-1687 (Edward Grant)

  58. From Aristotle to Copernicus, Science&Religion (Edward Grant)

  59. God and reason in the Middle Ages (Edward Grant)

  60. The nature of natural philosophy in the late Middle Ages (Edward Grant)

  61. Physical science in the Middle Ages (Edward Grant)

  62. Mathematics and its applications to science and natural philosophy in the Middle Ages (Edward Grant&John Emery Murdoch)

  63. Science in the Middle Ages (David Lindbergh)

  64. Science and Religion, an historical introduction (Gary Ferngren)

  65. Science and Religion, a very short introduction (Thomas Dixon)

  66. A Science and Religion primer (Heidi Campbell&Heather Looy)

  67. The medieval hospital and medical practice (Barbara S. Bowers)

  68. The rise of early modern science: Islam, China, and the West (Toby E. Huff)

  69. Intellectual curiosity and the scientific revolution: a global perspective (Toby E. Huff)

  70. Medieval medicine (Plinio Prioreschi)

  71. The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages: Volume 1, Salerno, Bologna, Paris (Hastings Rashdall)

  72. The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages: Volume 1 Part 1, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Scotland (Hastings Rashdall)

  73. The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages: Volume 1 Part 2, English universities (Hastings Rashdall)

  74. Reconciling science and religion: the debate in early-twentieth-century Britain (Peter Bowler)

  75. Science, optics, and music in medieval and early modern thought (Alistair Cameron Crombie)

  76. The first universities: Studium generale and the origins of university education in Europe (Olaf Pedersen)

  77. Science&Religion, from conflict to conversation (John F. Haught)

  78. Science and Religion in Dialogue (Melville Stewart)

  79. The Fascinated God: What science says to faith and faith to scientists (Robert E. Zinser)

  80. What is religion? (John F. Haught)

  81. Is nature enough? meaning and truth in the age of science (John F. Haught)

  82. God and the new atheism: a critical response to Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens (John F. Haught)

  83. Deeper than Darwin: the prospect for religion in the age of evolution (John F. Haught)

  84. Responses to one hundred one questions on God and evolution (John F. Haught)

  85. The Big Questions in Science and Religion (Keith Ward)

  86. Philosophy, science, and religion in England, 1640-1700 (Richard W. F. Kroll&Richard Ashcraft)

  87. A Defense of Natural and Revealed Religion (Gilbert Burnet)